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Quality policy


Optimized production processes require thorough material traceability and structured batch information. For this purpose, an appropriate recording method is necessary, which allows for quick and error-free identification of a specific batch of goods.

In this respect, the feature of PRO-MAR S.A. distinguishing it from other suppliers on the market is the so-called “Index”, i.e. an individual registration number assigned to a specific chemical composition (melting) of a given batch of material, which is unique and forever associated with the material – regardless of the degree of its subsequent processing. It allows for full and faultless identification and monitoring of the goods starting from the moment of their order, through all stages of their processing in PRO-MAR S.A., until the moment of their delivery to the Customer and their final use.

Most importantly, only bars of the same melt, diameter and grade can be found under one index number, and each additional treatment of the material is reflected in the index by adding a letter and number to the core of the index each time it is moved to production/processing.

Material traceability based on index allows to determine and trace every step of the production process chain. At the same time, the history of production is automatically documented along with time, place and course. All this information is available in real time in the company’s IT system, which practically eliminates the possibility of error and allows for possible corrections during the production process. This traceability allows a high degree of transparency in production and ensures quality in every respect and at every stage of production.

Thanks to the use of the index system, it is also possible to determine at what stage of the order execution there was a possible inconsistency, its cause and significantly helps to eliminate such undesirable phenomena in the future. The use of such a solution also enables full traceability of the final product within a period not shorter than 25 years from the date of delivery of the material/semi-finished product to the Customer by PRO-MAR S.A. It is possible not only thanks to the principle of placing the index number in the company’s IT system, but also at each item on the customer invoice, thanks to which a given workpiece can be linked with the input material used for its production with 100% certainty.

The application of unique indices and full traceability of material used by PRO-MAR S.A. were fully approved by certification institutions such as TUV and UDT CERT, which was reflected in the TUV’s confirmation of compliance of management processes in force at PRO-MAR S.A. with the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001-2015 standard. Additionally, UDT CERT confirmed the implementation and application of the management system in accordance with the requirements of the above standard. UDT CERT also granted PRO-MAR S.A. a quality system certificate for manufacturer of materials according to Directive 2014/68/EU for pressure equipment. Moreover, the Office of Technical Inspection has also granted PRO-MAR S.A. the license to manufacture bars and forgings intended for the construction and repair of technical equipment subject to technical supervision.