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Steel Service Centre


Our Steel Service Centre is the answer to customers looking for a product with specific properties and degree of processing.

PRO-MAR S.A. for many years has been pursuing a consistent policy of extending the portfolio of services in the field of plastic, mechanical and thermal processing of structural, alloy and high-alloy steels under customer-specified technical conditions.

* Peeling of straight bars and wire rod in coil, in the diameters range from Ø 6.00 to Ø 98.00 mm.

* Drawing of bars and wire rod in coil, in the diameters range from Ø 5.00 to Ø 70.00 mm.

* Open-die forging of rings, slices, blocks and shafts of various types according to the Customer’s specification, weighing up to 1500 kg and measuring up to Ø1000 mm and L=2500 mm.

* Machining – we turn workpieces with a diameter up to ø1000 mm and length up to 1500 mm on conventional machine tools (carousel type). The range of services offered also includes milling, chiseling, drilling, chamfering and threading.

* Heat treatment – we have at our disposal electric and gas furnaces which enable us to process workpieces up to 3000 mm long and weighing up to 2 tons. We hold the Office of Technical Inspection certificate for heat treatment. The scope of our capabilities includes:

Hardening and tempering [+QT]
Normalizing annealing [+N], soft annealing [+A], stress relieving [+SR], spheroidizing annealing [+AC], and annealing to ferritic-pearlitic structure [+FP], etc.
* Straightening of steel bars (round, square, hexagonal) in sizes from 20 mm to over 100.00 mm.

* Chamfering – The ends of drawn or peeled bars can be rolled up, faced and chamfered. Our machine park allows us to chamfer bars in the dimensional range from Ø 10.00 to Ø 75.00 mm. Standard chamfer size is 2.5 mm/45 degrees.

* Eddy current defectoscopic testing
Non-destructive testing of steel bars carried out on a modern, fully automated line allows for the detection of surface defects specified by the customer. The use of comprehensive defectoscopic examination with the use of Dr. Förster defectomate in a single process line enables the testing of 100% of batches of bars commissioned for inspection. The bars tested receive an acceptance certificate 3.1 with guaranteed surface quality.

* Cutting steel products with a maximum diameter of Ø 800 mm and a length of up to 6000 mm. Maximum weight of the workpiece to be cut – 5 tonnes.

We also accept orders for the above mentioned services with the use of customer-supplied material
We accept orders for small quantities as well as serial production.


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