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Rolled bars

In constant offer of our company you can find a wide assortment of rolled bars from ø 16 to
ø 300 and all other metallurgical materials, which may be needed by customers carrying out further processing of the material within the cutting, stamping, welding, bending, etc. We are specialized in completion of various types of materials, sizes and species within a single delivery to the customer. Permanent maintaining high stocks (ca 4000-6000 tons) allows us for a quick completion of orders. We are able to get quickly any other types of products that are needed for our customers. The most common types of steel that we can offer are:

  • Construction steel
  • Steel for quenching and tempering
  • Carburizing steel

The thing that makes our company different from the opposition is that we offer the full range of diameters (eg. ø 43; 57; 62; 73; 78, etc.) !

We offer:

  • Flexible prices
  • Cutting the product (to chosen size by customer)
  • Delivering materials to customers
  • Services of cutting the materials provided on the band saws to ø 800 mm (for both profiles; round and square)

Products and services provided by our company allow us to adjust materials to individual customer’s needs in a very short delivery dates.
On customer’s request, we also supply the materials in special formats or with additional surface treatment. High technical and production capabilities also supported by professional knowledge and experience of the team, allow us to accomplish even the most difficult/complicated orders.